Take a peek inside…



If you peek inside our little school and catch a glimpse of what a typical day looks like you will see happy children playing, working, and learning together. You might see a group building structures with blocks, or designing patterns with magnets, or rolling, pounding, and moulding playdough.  Or some might be playing dress up with baby dolls, and making patterns with river rocks, shells, large beads, or colorful bears! You might even catch them singing songs, dancing with scarves, or playing rhythm instruments throughout the day, too!

There is always something to explore when you enter our classrooms. Some children like painting, coloring, cutting with scissors,  rolling out play dough and creating important treasures with red clay.  Others may like the quiet, one-on-one time sitting in the teacher’s lap on the floor with a great book. All of the little ones are very interested in exploring nature as they walk, or ride their buggies, around the campus. You might see them making collages, talking about stuff that kids talk about, making silly rhymes together, counting random things, telling stories, and using their imagination!

You will see pouring, stirring, measuring, splashing, washing, riding trikes, climbing outside, hanging out under trees, and above all laughing at St. James! You will notice the many meaningful interactions between children and their teachers. At St. James ELC, we are proud to offer young children a strong and magical start in a lifetime of education. Come…take a peek inside and you will see!


06 – I Wonder if I’m Growing