Lead Teacher for Two Year Old Class, 7:00-3:00pm, M-F, year-round
Afterschool Caregivers Monday through Friday, 3:00-6:00pm, M-F, year-round
Must be at least 21 years old with a clear background.
Must be fingerprinted and be willing to get additional training in VIRTUS, Pediatric First Aid/CPR, Fire Safety Training and annual training in accordance with our license.
Please read General Job Description included in employment application. The hourly pay is $9.-12. non-benefits eligible. 

Employment Application 2019-20

We employ people who love children. People who are patient, kind and who appreciate the wonder that every child possesses. It is hard work supervising, caring for, and negotiating with young children each day, and we want people who find joy in doing just that.

Caring for children does not have a start time and a finish time. It is not a task to be completed. It is ongoing and always changing. When working with young children, you must understand that there is not a concrete beginning and end….but an overlapping circle of events that take place between the child and their environment, over time, that produces the growth and development we want to see. We are here to help encourage that growth in an age-appropriate way by communicating with a child in a positive manner. This is done with patience, kindness, and a real interest in what the child has to say. It is done by providing opportunities for the child to learn new things by using all of their senses and then celebrating their accomplishments. It is a circle…a very important circle.

Our vision of the young child is one of great potential. We strive to see the world through their eyes. We celebrate all achievements, big and small, alike. We sing and dance, we play together, we laugh together, we take care of each other. We build things and create things and get messy, too. We take pride in being responsible, loving and engaged caregivers for children who often time spend more of their waking hours with us than they do at home. We want to teach them, learn with them, be good listeners, take an interest in what they have to say, instill good things in them, and make them feel super proud of their many accomplishments! We strive to be positive role models who lead by example. We do this everyday, on time, and without complaint. We do this while maintaining the highest level of supervision and safety possible. If you possess these qualities, you should be working with young children!

The school year runs year-round, from August through July. Compliance is required of all licensing rules and regulations set forth by the State of Georgia, which include 10 hours per year of ongoing education, Fire Safety Training and First Aid/CPR Certification. Currently, the ELC pays for the time and for the cost of the classes, which are usually 2-3 hours each. Every staff member must be physically able to pick-up and care for children in all ways. There are times when you may need to be sitting on the floor, or lifting and moving cots , chairs, tables, and other classroom furniture to best suit the needs of the children. The State of Georgia is an “at will” state, meaning either party can terminate the working relationship at any time, without prior notice. All new hires will get fingerprinted within the first 20 days of employment. They will also be subject to a probationary period of 90 calendar days from date of hire. The probationary period can be extended if employee has excessive absences, tardies, or for any reason deemed necessary by the Director and/or Pastor, to ensure they are able to perform their duties by maintaining the highest standards for the safety, well-being, and best practices with young children.
  • Maintain excellent attendance, arrive on time, and stay entire shift.
  • Arrive alert, well-rested, and ready to move. Excellent supervision is expected at all times, throughout the entire day.
  • Main focus and attention is on the children in the center. All staff members, regardless of position, are responsible for the immediate care and well-being of all children in the center. Every staff member is to respond immediately to any child in need, whether they are in your classroom or not. Supervision is collective and is meant to insure the safety of all children in the center.
  • Children’s needs are met in a positive, developmentally appropriate way, without delay.
  • Dress appropriately for interaction with children.
  • Take directions, suggestions and criticisms, and follow through to improve performance.
  • Respect confidential information regarding children, families, and co-workers.
  • Display a positive attitude toward the entire center (the program, children, families and co-workers).
  • Conduct your self in and out of the SJELC in accordance with the Catholic Code of Conduct form you are required to sign at the time of hire.
  • Attend staff meetings, professional development classes, and other SJELC events.
  • Complete all required background checks and required training throughout the year and do not let your credentials expire.
  • Understand that the supervision and safety, of all children in care, remain the top priority at St. James Early Learning Center. Never leave a child(ren) unattended or unsupervised. Always be ready to respond to a child who is in need, from the smallest thing to a critical need. Respond swiftly, kindly and respectfully, at all times.
  • Read and abide by the Staff Handbook at all times.

SJELC Job Titles 

  • Lead/Co Teacher: Full Time, Benefits-Eligible
  • Teacher Assistant: Full Time, Benefits-Eligible
  • Center Aide: Usually Part time, but could be longer. Hours vary according to need.
  • Afterschool Caregiver: Part-Time, Hours approx. 3:00pm-5:00pm or 3:00-6:00, dependent upon children enrolled in the program.
  • Substitute Caregiver: Hours vary, as needed
*Employment hours always subject to change to meet supervision requirements.
Employees report to the Director and Asst. Director for all matters pertaining to their work.
Director: Wendy L. Harrison 912-355-1523 ext. 26
Asst. Director: Erin L. Steele 912-355-1523 ext. 18

If you are interested in gaining employment at St. James Early Learning Center, please follow the steps below:

      1. Completely fill out and sign the Employment Application 2019-20
      2. Mail application to: St. James Early Learning Center  8512 Whitefield Avenue   Savannah, GA 31406
      3. You will receive an email to let you know we received your application packet. An interview may be set up at this point.
      4. Take a VIRTUS class. Go to VIRTUS and find out when the next class is being offered in your area. This is a requirement for anyone working or volunteering in a Catholic church and/or school.
      5. A copy of the Staff Handbook will be given to you upon hiring. Initial and sign. Turn in at time of hire. As updates are made to the Staff Handbook, you will be provided a link and that will require you to read and sign off on new document. 
      6. All required state training must be completed. See the Director or the Asst. Director for details. It is the employee’s responsibility to keep up with their own training.
 Please email the Director with questions. Applications can be submitted here, too.
St. James is an E-Verify Employer