Director:  Wendy L. Harrison

Educational Background

Miss Wendy has been in the field of education for over 30 years. She holds a Master’s Degree in Education Administration, a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, and an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. She also has a Child Development Credential (CDA), and has the Florida and Georgia Director’s Credential. Miss Wendy started the St. James ELC in August 2009 and continues to work diligently to provide parents with a safe and loving place for their children’s first experiences at school. Miss Wendy takes great pride in creating a place where children will enjoy coming to learn each day. A school where young children are respected and are taught by a loving staff who lead by example.

What draws me to Early Childhood most?

I am fascinated and awestruck as I watch children grow and develop. When you see a baby begin to communicate, before they even have words, you know that the brain is hard at work. The way a child discovers new things every single day and delights in his new found observations is brilliant. I have learned so much from my everyday conversations with young children, and my experience being around them continues to make me a better person. They have so much to teach us and it only takes a moment to listen. I find that the more moments a person spends in the presence of children, the happier their world will be.

My favorite things to do with my children at school are:

1. Call them “My babies” to which the three year olds reply, “We are not your babies, we are your big boys and girls”

2. Listen to all of their stories

3. Laugh and play with them

When I am not working, I like to:

1. Hang out at home with my two children and my three puppies!

2. Read

3. Travel

Three funny things about me are:

1. I don’t like the word caterpillar! It gives me the shivers!

2. I love to make up silly songs and sing, sing, sing!

3. I love children’s music as much as they do

I love working with children because it has been my lifelong work. Since I was a small child, I always taught all the neighborhood kids how to do things, like ride their bikes, swim, etc… I love to carry on conversations with children because they are funny, and pure, and innocent. They always have something to teach me and I always want to learn from them. I love to watch babies grow and develop language and reasoning skills. I see the power of God in children and I love to watch them bloom and use their gifts as they grow. I cannot imagine my life without children in it.